Thursday, January 08, 2009

Further to Jenna's comment on the refdesk blog about stable URLs for CLIO records, which she spotted in Inside CUL, I talked about that at the OPAC meeting yesterday, and Sarah Witte pointed out that she uses them herself in some of her Women's Studies guides.
There are some on this page -
Sarah also put a guide to generating them on Swift - it's at
Basically, you use the URL where ###### is the Voyager Bib key for the item. (BBID=###### is BBID then an equals sign followed by the Voyager Bib key.)
The Voyager Bib key is the six or seven digit numeral in the 001 field in the MARC record.

This seems like a good thing to do in our guides when we put references to books - I'm sure I knew about it, but had completely forgotten!



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