Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Journalism Librarian on Maternity Leave

I will be on leave beginning next Monday, December 4, and anticipate returning to work in mid-March 2007. In the event of any urgent matter, I may be reached by email.

For circulation and reserves matters related to the Journalism Library, please contact:

Erica Sklar, Journalism Library Supervisor (ems2143@columbia.edu, 4-3547)

For other administrative issues, please contact:

Mary Giunta, Head of Access & Technical Support (mg201@columbia.edu, 4-3889)
Jane Winland, Director, Social Sciences Libraries (winland@columbia.edu, 4-5588)

During this time, please refer any patrons with research questions to the Journalism Library alias, which will be monitored by my colleagues: journalism@libraries.cul.columbia.edu


Deborah Wassertzug, Journalism Librarian
Columbia University Libraries
dw242@columbia.edu 212.854.3916

Monday, November 27, 2006

Limited visitation privileges

To maximize seating space available for Columbia University students and faculty during the busy final examination period, a limit on visitors has been put into place from Monday, December 4 to Saturday, December 23.

METRO referral cards will not be honored and reader cards will only be issued to students and faculty from other SHARES institutions during the final examination period that begins on Monday, December 4 and ends on Saturday, December 23, 2006.

Information about the limited visitation during the final exam period has been added to many of the LWEB pages, including the Visitors page and the LIO hours page.

Library staff members authorized to grant access to a specific collection (such as RBML/Oral History) or a library can grant exceptions on an as needed basis by notifying LIO at lio@columbia.edu.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Columbia affiliates Google search

I just made a Google search engine that searches just the Barnard, Columbia, and Teacher's College sites.

I thought it might be a good collection development tool.

e.g. I wasn't sure whether or not to buy a new American Sign Language dictionary and wanted to see if "sign language" appears often on CU affiliate pages. It did, but not much on Barnard pages. It seems that it's more relevant to TC curriculum than anyone else's, so I won't order the book.

Let me know your thoughts on whether TC should be in the search, or if it's only a distraction for Barnard search purposes.

And here is another one for all of the different Barnard sites (bc.barnard.columbia, barnard.columbia, and just regular barnard).

display case key Tuesday

A Barnard alumna artist, Constance Lane, will be creating a new exhibit in the glass display case downstairs (the one with the "Transformations" transgender resources display in it right now).

She will be here on Tuesday morning, she estimates between 10:15 and 12:15 and knows to ask
for the key at the reference desk. It is key #43. I will be at a NYLINK showcase that morning, but will be reachable by cell (the number is on the board at the ref desk) should anything be funky.

I will empty the display case on Monday, so that it's ready for Constance.


Time Synchronizer on Desktop

I downloaded a free program called "Time Synchronizer" that enables us to synchronize the computer's clock with the NIST atomic time server. I configured it to launch when Windows is started, so it pops up when you turn the computer on. If you click on "Connect to Server" it shows you the correct time according to the NIST time server, and you click on "Synchronize" to make the computer's clock correct, if it isn't already. There is also an icon on the desktop. This way, we can keep the computer clock correct, and we will never be in any doubt whether someone is relieving us on time at the ref desk!

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