Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Libraries Website

The new Columbia University Libraries website is now in production:

Although many pages are still being revised to use the new website design
(see examples below), we felt it was important to launch the website prior
to the start of the fall semester.

Do you have comments about the new website?
If so, please click the "Tell Us What You Think About Our New Website"
link* (note the top right corner of the new homepage).



CLIO OPAC Interface:

CLIO Help Pages: [etc.]

Digital Projects Pages: [etc.]

E-Archives Pages: [etc.] [etc.]

E-Exhibition Pages: [etc.]

E-Journal Pages: [etc.]


Find Databases (RTI) Pages: [etc.]

Map of Libraries Pages: [etc.]

Secure Request It Service Pages: [etc.]

Using the Libraries FAQ Search Results Pages:

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

EJS Outage

Ebsco EJS is down. -kb

------------ Forwarded Message ------------
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 4:13 PM -0500
From: EJSFeedBack <>
Subject: EJS Outage

EJS is currently not available due to a hardware problem caused by the
power outage as the result of hurricane Katrina. We are working to
correct this problem and will send out notification once this problem has
been resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

EBSCO Information Services

Monday, August 29, 2005

Summer Changes to CLIO

Summer Changes to CLIO

As students and faculty return to campus this week, questions may come up
about changes to CLIO since the end of Spring semester:

1. The 'Holds/Recalls' button has been renamed "Place Requests." Patrons
will still be able to place recalls and holds [scroll down], but the page
also links to several other request forms: Staff Search, Borrow Direct,
ILL, HSL-Morningside Delivery, and In Process/Ordered requests.

2. The Staff Search links to a new online form for patrons to request a
search for items that they did not find on the shelf. Previously patrons
have requested staff searches by filling in the orange form kept at the
circulation desks. This form will still be available for use, however,
patrons now have the option of making search requests online. Search
service policies have not changed and may be found in the CLIO Help Guide

3. CLIO status messages have been streamlined; when a patron places a
recall, the item status now says ("Requests: 1), as in "Checked out, due
06/21/05 (Requests: 1). Try Borrow Direct or ILL." We also added "Try
Borrow Direct or ILL" to all unavailable messages.

4. Timeout warning. There is now a warning before patrons are dropped from
an idle CLIO search. The warning pops-up when 90 seconds are left before
the time-out deadline. The patron can extend the time for another 10
minutes (at which point another warning will pop up...). If CLIO is
minimized, there may be no pop-up but the CLIO tile will flash during this
warning period. Pop-ups must be enabled for this to work.

5. Unicode release. The Libraries implemented the Unicode release in July
2005, with "patch 2". Patrons who use Netscape or Firefox should not have
problems with fonts, but those using Internet Explorer or Crazy Browser
will need to reset their web page font to "Arial Unicode MS". [To change
the font: Click on "Tools" --> then "Fonts" --> then select "Arial Unicode
MS" as their "web page font" from the selection of "Latin based" fonts -->
and click OK (once in the fonts box and then again in the Internet Options

6. Voyager Software bugs--the Unicode release brought 4 software
bugs: the "search all CU catalogs" no longer works: currently the button
in CLIO links to Educat and Pegasus separately; emailed records in foreign
languages that contain accents or other diacritics are garbled (generally
the field containing the accent is missing): this is only a problem when
records are emailed (e.g. they can be printed and saved to bookbag, just
not emailed); Re-sorting results from an author search will cause the
search bar at the top of the results list to change from an author search
to a title search; and when items with volume number are charged to status
patrons, the volume number is repeated. These have all been reported to
Endeavor, we're especially concerned about the first two bugs. Special
thanks to Karen Green for reporting two of these problems--please let us
know if you notice other bugs in the software.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

CLIO OPAC Subcommittee
(Gary Bertchume, Marina Chilov, Lois Coleman, Ria Koopmans-de Bruijn,
Russell Merritt, Jill Parchuck, Sarah Witte)

Friday, August 26, 2005

August 29 Columbia Convocation

On Monday, August 29, Columbia will hold its annual
Convocation for new students. Butler Library's lounge will be used as a staging area for faculty who will be in the procession, and the lounge will be closed from 12-6.
Staff and patrons will be asked to use the East entrance to Butler during that time. The ramp will be installed as well.

Also, note that August 28 and 29 will be dorm move-in days for new students. 114th Street will be blocked off in the mornings, so there will be no ReCAP delivery on Monday, August 29.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jane Winland

Monday, August 22, 2005

e-link unavailable (briefly) for system maintenance

Please note --

elink (SFX) will be unavailable, briefly, starting at 8am tomorrow
August 23. The outage is expected to be no more than 5 to 10 minutes.


breck witte 212-854-8583 columbia university
systems analyst library systems office

Network Downtime - Switch Upgr

Please be advised that a core switch for the Barnard College campus network is scheduled to be upgraded on Wednesday, August 24th from 5:00PM until 7:00PM. This upgrade will require complete network outage - including e-mail, eBear, Novell, and Internet access - for the following areas:

600, 616, 620, Brooks, Reid (including Health Services), 1st floor and mezzanine level of Hewitt, and the Sulzberger Computer Lab.

If you have any questions, please call the Helpdesk at x4-7172.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Digital Library Seminar Series schedule for fall semester

You are invited to attend the Digital Library Seminar Series presentations
described below.


Digital Library Seminar Series presentation #1:

TOPIC: RSS Feeds, Blogs, Wikis, etc.

SPEAKER: Maurice Matiz, Director of Technology, Center for New Media
Teaching & Learning

WHEN: Friday, September 16 ~ 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

WHERE: 203 Butler Library



Digital Library Seminar Series presentation #2:

- Digital Scriptorium
- Digital New York City
- Notable New Yorkers

- Mary Marshall Clark, Director, Oral History Research Office
- Stephen Davis, Director, Libraries Digital Program Division
- Consuelo Dutschke, Curator of Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts, RBML
- Patricia Renfro, Deputy University Librarian

WHEN: Friday, September 30 ~ 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

WHERE: 203 Butler Library



Digital Library Seminar Series presentation #3:

- Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS)
- John Jay Papers
- Joseph Urban Theater Collection

- Jean Ashton, Director, Rare Book & Manuscript Library (RBML)
- Rodney Ast, Project Coordinator, APIS
- Raffaella Cribiore, Research Scholar, APIS
- Stephen Davis, Director, Libraries Digital Program Division
- Janet Gertz, Director, Preservation Division
- Betty Nuxoll, Research Scholar, Jay Papers

WHEN: Friday, October 21 ~ 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

WHERE: 203 Butler Library



Digital Library Seminar Series presentation #4:

TOPIC: The Vatican Library's Web-Based Application for Managing Manuscript
Metadata Stored in Native XML Databases

SPEAKER: Dr. Paola Manoni, Librarian, Research & Information Management,
Vatican Library

WHEN: Friday, October 28 ~ 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

WHERE: 203 Butler Library

The Vatican Library and Software AG have developed a web-based application
for managing manuscript metadata stored in native XML databases.

The application allows users to:
- create & modify XML metadata using templates
- upload metadata from other databases (e.g., MS Access)
- link from metadata to digital resources

The search engine supports Boolean operators, phrase searching, word
stemming, and browsing; it uses XQuery syntax and is Z39.50 compatible.

The application enriches Vatican Library OPAC search results by providing
simultaneous searching of manuscripts and other materials (printed books,
prints & drawings, coins & medals).


Digital Library Seminar Series presentation #5:

TOPIC: Shares: An Institutional Repository of CourseWorks Content?

SPEAKER: Rob Cartolano

WHEN: Friday, November 18 ~ 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

WHERE: 203 Butler Library

Shares will increase the permanence of course data and will reduce its
"silo" effect by allowing content to be shared between courses,
instructors, and semesters.

Catherine M. Thomas, Web Services Librarian
Libraries Digital Program Division
Columbia University Libraries
212-854-8355 ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

new content and changes to NER page in SWIFT

In response to recent questions I've added several new pages and updated a few others to the NER area on SWIFT:

--how to go about setting up trials: "Setting up Trials", in the Information for ERC's section:

--how to add a temporary alert to an RTI listing: "Add (or remove) an Alert to an e-resource", in the About RTI section:

--information about what we get from Serials Solutions: "currently included databases and ejournal collections", in the Access & Linking section:

--licensing links--moved the non CUL-specific links to their own page, updated the links themselves:
Please take a look; comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks.


Katie Brady
Electronic Resources Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
tel: 212.854.5024 | fax: 212-854-5167

Preview the new Libraries homepage

The LibraryWeb Steering Committee has been working on a redesign of the Libraries website since March 2005.

Now, the new homepage is available in preview mode:

The new homepage is also available from the current Libraries homepage (note the "Preview our New Website" link).

The website is still under development and is therefore not perfect, but please feel free to take a look. The pages below the new homepage are still being revised to match the new homepage design. We hope to put the new homepage into production by the end of August.

More information about the redesign project:

Do you have comments about the new website?
If so, please click the "Tell Us What You Think About Our New Website" link* (note the top right corner of the new homepage).

Catherine M. Thomas, Web Services Librarian
Libraries Digital Program Division
Columbia University Libraries
212-854-8355 ~

*URL for feedback form:

Friday, August 12, 2005

Ingenta Explained

Hello Chat People -

Following on a patron's question on chat some weeks ago, I asked Katie
Brady, the ERC for Ingenta, to provide a clear explanation of how it
works, and what we do and do not have access to through it. I hope you
find this helpful. Please save for future reference, and please contact
Katie with any further questions.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 17:06:29 -0400
From: Katie Brady <>
To: Deborah Wassertzug <>
Subject: Re: Ingenta confusion


Bottom line is that we have a number of journals activated on Ingenta for
fulltext access, based on our having individual print+online or
online-only subscriptions. Articles in titles to which we don't already
have access activated, and to which we don't have a print subscription in
the libraries, may be requested on a pay-per-view basis on Columbia's dime
as long as they are $30 or less. That's the long and short of it.

What happens if a patron wants an article but we don't have a
subscription? There will be a message displayed after clicking on the link
to fulltext to the effect that "this article is available for x dollars,
do you want to use Columbia's account to purchase access"? this message
won't come up if the article is over $30. Only catch is that the patron
will have to create/login to a (free) ingenta account in order to use the
Columbia account.

The other complicating factor is that for some reason Ingenta has a set of
titles that are only available via fax or ariel, and another set that's
available online. Either way patrons have to login if Columbia doesn't
have a subscription to fulltext.

It's trying to be both a document delivery service and an ejournal
provider, but through the same service. It's confusing.



UACL Closed

The University Archives and Columbiana Library will be closed for research during the week of August 15-19.

Filming in the rotunda of a Hollywood film is disrupting normal operations. If you need to contact us, please do call and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Susan Hamson | Director, University Archives and Columbiana Library
Columbia University in the City of New York | 210 Low Memorial Library | 535 West 116th Street, MC 4316 | New York, NY 10027
Voice: 212-854-1331 | Fax: 212-854-7320 |

New ERIC Interface

The ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) interface has changed. Now we have access to ERIC through CSA. You may try the new ERIC at:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks much.


Anca Meret
Departmental Librarian
Gottesman Libraries - Teachers College
(212) 678-3496

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Head of Reference Programs

I am pleased to announce that Sarah Wenzel will be joining the Humanities &
History Division of the Libraries in the position of Head of Reference
Programs. Sarah is currently the Reference Coordinator in the Humanities
Library at MIT. Her previous experience includes positions in libraries at
Boston University and the University of Illinois. She also catalogs for
American Book Prices Current. Sarah's MLS and MA in French Studies are from
the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

As many of you may recall, the report of the Reference Services Task Force
pointed out that a librarian with a Libraries-wide role in areas such as
virtual reference, a stronger web presence for reference, promotion of
reference services to our users, and developing staff expertise in using
our increasing variety of electronic databases would be very valuable. This
report came at the time when Eileen McIlvaine was retiring and contributed
to our restructuring the job responsibilities to create the Head of
Reference Programs position.

I'd like to thank all of you who participated in the interview process and
provided input on the candidates. When Sarah arrives, her office will be in
Butler, room 309. I look forward to our working together with Sarah to
build on to the excellent reference services available at Columbia.

Ree DeDonato
Director, Humanities & History
Columbia University Libraries

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