Friday, November 09, 2007


Posted to CUL Notes by Ilona Bicsak:

Staff and patrons may begin to see brief records in CLIO in all upper case characters representing recently published materials. As an example, please see “VISUAL OBJECT OF DESIRE IN LATE MEDIEVAL ENGLAND (Bib ID 6326362)

These are brief bibliographic records for recently ordered monographs using GOBI - the ordering database of our new primary domestic monograph vendor, YBP.

Sometimes referred to as EOCR’s (Electronic Order Confirmation Records) they are batch loaded into CLIO and will be replaced by standard cataloging records (mostly supplied by YBP) when the ordered book is received at Columbia. These records should not be confused with the OTF (On the Fly) or unlinked item records created for circulation purposes when we used NOTIS.

Please feel free to contact any MPS supervisor for questions related to these order records.

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