Monday, April 06, 2009

slow NINJA = surly students

The following form was sent to help after too many complaints -

User name: (Heidi Winston, contact)


Location:library, 2nd floor

Printer label NINJA printer

What is the symptom? prints VERY slowly - probably no slower than usual, but the students' patience is wearing thin. As I am often the recipient of their complaints, mine is also.
Is anything in the works to rectify this problem? If not, maybe there should be a sign posted near the printer which states that the pace of printing is beyond our control.

the response:
"One reason that the printer is slow is if the student is printing large pdf files.
Make sure the print as image is checked in the printer preferences, although it
should be set as default already. Perhaps you could make a sign that reminds
students to check the print as image option." Done. hmw.

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