Monday, March 09, 2009

March/April construction

From the mass email:

Beginning on Tuesday March 10, 2009, the reconstruction of the 119th Street walkway between Broadway and Claremont Ave. will begin. The construction fence will be relocated and access from the front and side doors of Milbank Hall to the link will end.

The timetable for this phase of construction is as follows:

March 10th -- March 13th
Access to and from Milbank will be available from the Claremont Avenue Link at 119th Street, the Tunnel (lower level) via Altschul Hall or the 120th Street door.

March 16th -- March 21st (Spring Break)
The Link doors at 119th and Claremont Avenue will be closed. Access to Milbank will be via Tunnel through Altschul Hall or the 120th Street door ONLY. The Claremont Avenue gate at 119th Street will be locked during the week of Spring Break. Please note that demolition is scheduled during this week of the project and may be noisy.

March 23rd -- August 17th
Link access from Claremont Avenue at 119th Street to Milbank will reopen, but access from the link to the Arthur Ross Courtyard and Milbank's front doors will remain closed.

Anyone with a valid Barnard College ID can continue to use the 120th Street entrance to Milbank Hall or the 40 Claremont Ave. door to Lehman.

Access from Milbank to the Arthur Ross Courtyard will be unaffected throughout this period.

Should you have any questions on construction progress, please visit the "" web site or contact Administrative Services & Capital Planning at X40250.

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