Thursday, February 05, 2009

Writing filenames for our research guides

Here is the protocol:

The filename is based on the course key, which you can get from the pencil book.
The course key has the year, the semester, the 4-letter department/subject code, the course number, a single letter code, and the section code.

e.g. 20091BIOL2873X001
X=single letter code

To write the filename, remove the year and semester and move the single letter code, placing it directly after the 4-letter subject code.
So the filename for this research guide is BIOLX2873001.html
and the URL is

Reminder about how to see the research guides in Courseworks:
We should all have administrative access to Courseworks. Log in and click on "Admin Access" on the lower left. Click on "Courses" at the top - then you can do a search.
There's also a quick link set up by Breck Witte so we can see which guide will appear for a given course in Courseworks -


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