Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Starr Renovation

Starr East Asian Library Renovation:

"This summer our library will be undergoing major renovation work in the entrance and service area to accommodate a beautiful centrally-located integrated service desk and card-reading entrance gates. Although we hope to keep the library and collections open and accessible, in order to accommodate the work we do need to make some temporary changes to some of our public services.

"As a first step in the process all public workstations will be removed from their accustomed locations. Some will need to be stored until after the renovation, but most will be moved to two temporary locations as follows:

"Three library terminals will move to the microform corridor on the 100 level of the stacks, along with Ninja printer Kent 300B.

"Three more library terminals, along with Ninja printer Kent 300A will move to Alcove 317, as will the Japanese and Korean CDR terminals with the color printer, and one of the workstations providing access to the /Chinese Civilization in Time & Space/ database, along with its printer. (Alcove 317 is the first alcove on the south side - i.e. the right hand side coming from the entrance - of the reading room.)

"At this time, we aim to keep the library open and accessible throughout the process. Some of the work will, however, be noisy and perhaps sometimes dusty, so plan accordingly. If, on occasion, closure of the library turns out to be unavoidable, notices to that effect will be posted both at the entrance and on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause."

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