Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More new databases

New York Staff Directory Online

Contact information across all levels of state, city and municipal government, as well as state organizations. The directory includes profiles and photographs of all elected officials -- from state legislature to local officials.

Federal Staff Directory Online
Comprehensive resource for information on the federal government.

Media Contact Directory Online
Directory with comprehensive coverage of media contacts including newspapers, periodicals, online media, TV programs, radio programs, news services, and media relations contacts.

Judicial Staff Directory Online
The Judicial staff directory lists all National Courts, Federal Courts of Appeal, District, Bankruptcy and State Appellate courts, as well as circuit and judicial district data on many counties and cities.

Congressional Staff Directory Online
The Congressional Staff Directory has been Washington's most trusted resource for information on Congress for more than forty years. The electronic and print versions have a common design and are intended to complement each other. The print directory remains a handy reference with revisions 3 times a year. The website is free to all print subscribers, and is updated daily as new information is obtained.

Thanks for posting these, Karen. Good job!
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