Tuesday, April 01, 2008

LexisNexis: Changes to Financial Times

From a LexisNexis discussion list:

The Financial Times (FT) has modified its contract with LexisNexis, and as you may have already heard, this has resulted in the removal of The Financial Times (FT) for most LexisNexis commercial customers. Please be assured that FT continues to be available to you and your patrons in LexisNexis Academic. However, the new contractual requirements have had some important effects on LexisNexis Academic, which are detailed below.

FT has been removed from group sources. This means that you will no longer get hits from FT when running search in group sources such as “News (All),” and “UK Newspaper Stories.” FT and FT Online will continue to be available as single sources that can be searched using the Power Search form. To make searching of this important resource easier, we will be updating both the News and Power Search forms to offer FT as an option in the dropdown source selection

Like all single sources, FT can be accessed through the source directory and searched in the Power Search form. To locate the Financial Times and the Financial Times Online, go to the Sources tab and enter “Financial Times” in the keyword search. The names of these sources have been changed to “Financial Times (London) Archive” and “Financial Times Online Archive.” See the next section for an explanation of this.

The “Archive” designation in the new source names does not mean that the files are no longer updating or under a lengthy embargo. The Financial Times offers a premium service, not available in LexisNexis Academic, which updates multiple times during the day. The archive service available to us is updated the next day, with the practical effect of a 24-hour embargo on this source. The full backfile continues to be available.

Those who use LexisNexis CSI numbers to provide direct links to the Financial Times sources or to specific articles in these sources will have to update their CSIs as shown below. This will affect OpenURL linkers and e-Journals services, and we are sharing this information with our contacts at the vendors who provide these services. The A-Z List that provides CSIs for all titles in LexisNexis Academic is updated every month, and the April update is scheduled to be posted this week with the new CSIs.

CSI 293847 for Financial Times (London) Archive
CSI 305962 for Financial Times Online Archive


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