Thursday, April 03, 2008

HISTORY LAB with John Tofanelli

From CUL Notes:

Greetings! The Committee for Columbia Library and Information Professionals (formerly RCL) would like to invite you to our next CCLIP Talk (formerly Brownbag presentations). We thought a new name for the series would compliment (sic) the committee’s new name, as well as clear up some confusion about the events scheduled start times. CCLIP Talks do not happen strictly at lunch time, but are scheduled at staggered times throughout the day to ensure more people with varied schedules have a chance to attend.

Our next CCLIP Talk will be on Tuesday, April 8th from 11am to noon in Butler 523. We hope to see you there! Light refreshments will be served.

Speaker: John Tofanelli

History Lab has been offered since Spring 2007 as a seven-week, two-point course for instructing Columbia history majors in the basics of library research. The course consists of four sessions taught by librarians, bookended by an introductory session and concluding sessions taught by a History Department faculty member or graduate preceptor. In Spring 08, as in Fall 07, three sections of roughly fifteen students each have been enrolled in History Lab. Seven librarians have been responsible for teaching the Spring 08 sessions.

I have served as the primary liaison between the History Department and the Libraries in the development and coordination of History Lab. I invite you to attend a session in which I will give a brief presentation on the development of History Lab and a demonstration of the History Lab Courseworks site. History Lab has been generally successful. I hope that librarians who may be thinking about new possibilities for discipline-oriented library instruction might learn from one or another aspect of it.

Please consider attending. I look forward to your questions.

For an advance glimpse of the current History Lab Courseworks site: simply select Admin Access in Courseworks; search by Course Title: History Lab ; and choose one of the 2008 sections. (The syllabus content is the same for each.)

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