Wednesday, April 30, 2008

heavy duty stapler -- again

I know I didn't offer a very good explanation last year, but I hope that post was based on a discussion we had in person.

Regardless, the deal is that we (we being Michael and Jenna) are not inclined to provide another heavy-duty stapler for public use. The one we bought last year, that we couldn't keep in working order for more than five minutes at a time, cost $200. The expense wouldn't be such a big deal if the thing weren't a lemon, but unfortunately, it was, as all of its kind seem to be.

In lieu of giant staples, we are willing to provide giant paper clips, binder clips, and butterfly clips.

There's also a related discussion in the suggestion book (or the "book of no" as I'm calling it in my head) if you're interested.


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