Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amistad Digital Resource

Columbia University Libraries/Information Services in the NEWS

(NEW YORK, February 12, 2008) The Amistad Digital Resource, a joint venture between Columbia University’s Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) and the Center for Contemporary Black History (CCBH), was recently launched. For more information, visit the Columbia University News page or view the press release.

“Amistad Digital Resource: Multimedia website is right on time”
February 7, 2008
“The Amistad Digital Resource is a progressive idea that is right on time. Launched on February 1, the multimedia African American history website, richly enhances the 2008 commemoration of Black history Month by providing an innovative research tool that will help to educate both teachers and students about contemporary Black History. Created by Columbia University’s Center for Contemporary Black History (CCBH), and the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), the engaging and user-friendly website, www.AmistadResource.org will serve to assist teachers throughout the nation in planning lessons about the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements in America.”


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