Friday, October 26, 2007

paging rare books (including zines)

When a patron requests an item listed in CLIO as a "rare book," they should fill out a green Overbury slip (whether it's Overbury or not--same goes for Yearbooks and other glass case items) and surrender their ID in exchange for the materials.

Rare books (Deutsch, Gabriela Mistral, Overbury, Zines) need to be paged by the reference librarian from the archives as follows:
  1. Grab key #13 (and the elevator key if you need it)
  2. Remember to close the inner archives door behind you
  3. Find the appropriate collection. Currently they're marked on the outside of the stacks with post-its. If this is a danger to the ph of the room, I trust Astrid or someone will advise on proper signage.
  4. About halfway down are the zines, in blue pamphlet boxes. If you need help, ask Jenna. (For zines indicated "ask at the reference desk" in CLIO, refer to this earlier post or this one.) The zines call numbers are really Cutters, so read them as such.
  5. Next up is the Deutsch collection, which didn't appear to me to have call number flags. Carol oversees this collection.
  6. She also oversees Mistral, which is the best labeled rare books collection in the archives (Yay!) and follows Deutsch, as you walk to the back of the room. There are call number flags, which what I think are authors' names on them.
  7. At the end of the stacks is the Overbury collection. I think they have some weird kind of Cutter system.
  8. If you can't find the item in the archives. It might be in room 201 and cannot be paged while a class is in session. Currently there is not indication in CLIO that a rare book is in 201. Sorry about that. Maybe this summer.
  9. When the patron finishes with the items you may put them in the archivist's mail box for refiling.

Also remember that all this information--and more!--is in the reference manual, found here H:\Reference\manual. Just grab whichever is the latest edition. e.g. Currently it's H:\Reference\manual\Procedures061208.doc.

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