Wednesday, March 07, 2007

course reserves

I just had a student looking for an article ("From exploration to play" in Developmental Psychology) Vol.17, no.5 {1981}, pp.360-639 that was listed in CLIO as being on reserve in a BC folder.

The article was not in a BC Folder.

I found that the article is available via PsycArticles, so I wondered if the article really should have been recorded in CLIO as being an e-reserve. I called the circ desk and spoke with Anna.

I now understand that due to some quirk that I do not understand, that the only sure fire way to find course reserve materials is to search under the professor's name. It has something to do with how the records are uploaded.

Unfortunately I did not learn this in time to ask the student for the professor's name to verify this solution.

Got more info? Please comment!


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