Thursday, September 07, 2006

Prelinger Library talk at Columbia

"Outsider librarians" Rick and Megan Shaw Prelinger have graciously agreed to reprise for us the talk they gave Tuesday night at a Brooklyn art gallery. It is "To Build a Library: An Analog Landscape in Eight Squares."

Wednesday, September 13 1:30-3pm, Butler 203.

Among other things this image rich presentation is about the history and philosophy behind their imaginative library creation. According to Rick, "The collection itself is the catalog. Walking through the aisles is like touring a garden of ideas (some identifiably good, some bad, all shelved together), thinking about how different subjects connect and interact with one another, and feeling this or that book (magazine, map, flyer, zine) beckoning." (Moore, Anne Elizabeth. "Unofficial Histories: Zine and Ephemeral Print Archivists," Punk Planet #75. September and October 2006, page 53.) They've also got a few things to say about copyright.

This event is being held in association with the Reference Forums committee.

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