Friday, September 22, 2006

Digital Video Editing at Butler

This is a reminder that we have four digital video editing workstations in the Butler Media Center.

Priority use of the stations is given to undergraduate film studies majors however students outside this major and the film division are welcome to use the stations.

This is how it works.

On Mondays of each week, we only allow the undergraduate students enrolled in the filmmaking courses to reserve time for the editing stations. They can sign up for four hours per day, every day through Sunday.

Beginning Tuesday, we open the reservations up to students and faculty.

We expect that users have a working knowledge of editing and the softwares including Final Cut Pro. We also support iMovie and for image editing--Adobe Photoshop. We also expect students working on projects bring their own external storage. Film files are huge and we are only able to store them temporarily for one week.

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