Monday, July 24, 2006

E-journals updated

The backend for generating E-Journal search results has been rewritten and is now in production. The new backend uses the same search technology already in place for Generating database search results.

What's New?
  1. response time is significantly better
  2. alternate titles are displayed in parenthetical "also known as" fields
  3. search syntax and processing are consistent with databases, for example:
    • phrase searching is available for keyword searches (use quotation marks)
    • wildcards must be explicitly stated for keyword searches. (wildcards continue Implicit for "title (start of title)" searches)
    • stopwords for keyword searches are the same as those for databases (shorter list)
    • diacritics are indexed, i.e., not ignored
    • punctuation is ignored for keyword searches
    • boolean operators "OR" and "NOT" can be used for keyword searches
Existing bookmarks will need to be updated. Please re-run your original request in E-Journals to get the new URL and syntax for your search.

Any canned searches or forms pointing to the old E-Journals will need to be updated.

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