Thursday, March 02, 2006

Columbia Masters Essays

I thought I should also mention how I've been managing master's essays that are on film and are being transferred to ReCAP from Iron Mountain:
  1. If there is a film record available on Voyager, we've just been adding the necessary holdings/item information.

  2. If there is no record on Voyager, but an existing Columbia film record on OCLC (this is a very common occurence, oddly), I've imported the record to Voyager and added the necessary holdings/item information.

  3. If there is only a print record on OCLC, we derive a new record (or derive a new record from an existing card).

It seems many of these were filmed back in the 1980s and often there is only one generation of film. We decided not to create additional generations unless there was a demand for copies from users once the records hit Voyager.

I'll try to resist the temptation to enhance these records by adding subject headings, etc...

There is likely no need to add this to Bob's document, but I thought I should inform people of what we're doing with these films and give you an opportunity to comment or make suggestions. Thanks -- Emily


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