Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a zine quote I like

Myth: You have to say "I'm computer illiterate" to get any kind of
help at the library. Fact: Just ask, it's not necessary to grovel. And
honestly, if you'd heard it as many times as I had, you would no longer
think it was cute for agrown woman or man to utter such a phrase. I'm
not a mechanic, but if I have to get my car repaired, the first thing I
am NOT going to say is how little I know about car engines! The
mechanics are there to a job for me, the same way library staff is there
to help you. So ask away: librarians have been helping people find stuff
in libraries long before computers ever arrived.

Jackie Campbell. Transom: the Library Issue, #5. 2002. no pagination.

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