Monday, September 19, 2005

printing FAQs


Q.) I am a visitor. How can I get printing privileges?

A.) First, you need a UNI (University Network ID) and password. Visitors may obtain a UNI and password at the Library Information Office.

After obtaining a UNI and password, the next step is to purchase printing dollars:

For more information, see How Can I Purchase Printing Dollars?.

Q.) How can I check my print quota?

A.) Go to the Check Your Print Quota page. Input your UNI and password. More information about print quotas.

Q.) How can I purchase printing dollars?

A.) The cost for printing is 10 cents per sheet for black & white printers ($1 for color), sold in $5 increments.

To purchase printing dollars:

If you are a visitor, see also I Am a Visitor. How Can I Get Printing Privileges?

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