Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ereserves access restrictions

The two week period of unrestricted access to scanned
e-reserves has now passed. Access control files have
been generated that will restrict access to scanned
e-reserves to the following groups:

- cul staff involved in uploading and processing
this material

- those students and instructors registered for
the class either as students or
instructors (this includes some TAs)

- others who have requested and been granted
access to the Courseworks pages of a
given class.

Invariably some students who have been referring to
scanned e-reserves will suddenly find themselves locked
out. The following options are available for those not
registered or not recognized as being registered for a

- consult the printed copy in the library (when

- request access to the courseworks page for the
course; we receive a daily feed from Courseworks
and process it on receipt. This is the best
option for TAs who find that they do not have
access to electronic reserves for the course for
which they are TAing.

If a reader feels he or she is being denied access in error
please refer them to the problem report form in the
Request-it section of Libraryweb.


breck witte 212-854-8583 columbia university
systems analyst library systems office

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