Monday, August 29, 2005

Summer Changes to CLIO

Summer Changes to CLIO

As students and faculty return to campus this week, questions may come up
about changes to CLIO since the end of Spring semester:

1. The 'Holds/Recalls' button has been renamed "Place Requests." Patrons
will still be able to place recalls and holds [scroll down], but the page
also links to several other request forms: Staff Search, Borrow Direct,
ILL, HSL-Morningside Delivery, and In Process/Ordered requests.

2. The Staff Search links to a new online form for patrons to request a
search for items that they did not find on the shelf. Previously patrons
have requested staff searches by filling in the orange form kept at the
circulation desks. This form will still be available for use, however,
patrons now have the option of making search requests online. Search
service policies have not changed and may be found in the CLIO Help Guide

3. CLIO status messages have been streamlined; when a patron places a
recall, the item status now says ("Requests: 1), as in "Checked out, due
06/21/05 (Requests: 1). Try Borrow Direct or ILL." We also added "Try
Borrow Direct or ILL" to all unavailable messages.

4. Timeout warning. There is now a warning before patrons are dropped from
an idle CLIO search. The warning pops-up when 90 seconds are left before
the time-out deadline. The patron can extend the time for another 10
minutes (at which point another warning will pop up...). If CLIO is
minimized, there may be no pop-up but the CLIO tile will flash during this
warning period. Pop-ups must be enabled for this to work.

5. Unicode release. The Libraries implemented the Unicode release in July
2005, with "patch 2". Patrons who use Netscape or Firefox should not have
problems with fonts, but those using Internet Explorer or Crazy Browser
will need to reset their web page font to "Arial Unicode MS". [To change
the font: Click on "Tools" --> then "Fonts" --> then select "Arial Unicode
MS" as their "web page font" from the selection of "Latin based" fonts -->
and click OK (once in the fonts box and then again in the Internet Options

6. Voyager Software bugs--the Unicode release brought 4 software
bugs: the "search all CU catalogs" no longer works: currently the button
in CLIO links to Educat and Pegasus separately; emailed records in foreign
languages that contain accents or other diacritics are garbled (generally
the field containing the accent is missing): this is only a problem when
records are emailed (e.g. they can be printed and saved to bookbag, just
not emailed); Re-sorting results from an author search will cause the
search bar at the top of the results list to change from an author search
to a title search; and when items with volume number are charged to status
patrons, the volume number is repeated. These have all been reported to
Endeavor, we're especially concerned about the first two bugs. Special
thanks to Karen Green for reporting two of these problems--please let us
know if you notice other bugs in the software.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

CLIO OPAC Subcommittee
(Gary Bertchume, Marina Chilov, Lois Coleman, Ria Koopmans-de Bruijn,
Russell Merritt, Jill Parchuck, Sarah Witte)

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