Wednesday, March 02, 2005

CLIO locations changes

CLIO locations are changing. After much review and input from public service units, there will be several changes to the way library locations are listed in CLIO records.

We hope these revisions will make the libraries easier to find, and the messages easier to interpret.

--Nearly all Butler locations will include a room number
--Avery locations will begin with the word Avery
--Lehman locations will begin with the word Lehman

We are also following these general guidelines for CLIO locations:

--use upper and lower case
--use square brackets [] for location designations
--use comma before room numbers
--use parentheses to enclose the non-circulating messages
--use a hyphen before a message
--use angle brackets <> for qualifying text

Some examples of the new location displays:

Avery Classics - By appt. (Non-Circulating)
Avery Ware
Butler Media, 208 Butler
Lehman US Government Documents
Precataloging - Request at Butler Circulation

There is a full list of the locations
here: For each location, the top line shows the current CLIO location name and the lower line shows the new name. You may see some superseded locations in the list, as there may be suppresssed records with the superseded location code.

Please send comments and questions to:

CLIO OPAC Subcommittee (
(Gary Bertchume, Marina Chilov, Lois Coleman, Ria Koopmans-de-Bruijn, Russell Merritt, Jill Parchuck, Sarah Witte)

posted by Sarah Witte

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