Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Citation Finder

We have recently added a new service link called "Citation Finder” that is part of the SFX package.

Citation Finder allows a user to enter a citation, or parts of a citation, into the existing fields, and Citation Finder then links directly to the SFX services menu for the exact item.

This is a fantastic tool for users to quickly locate appropriate full text options, create ILL requests, or get information on a specific set of holdings. Citation Finder acts as a gateway to article-level information without requiring the user to go through a more complicated database search.

The link to Citation Finder is available on several web pages within CUL:

It might be very worthwhile to experiment with Citation Finder to get a feel for the range of information that one can access quickly. From my experience, this is an extremely fast, reliable tool to add to the suite of information locating services.

(Sent to CUL Notes by Tom Delaney.)

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