Sunday, December 05, 2004

New bookmark ready to go

I'm ready to send the new bookmark to the printer - can you have a look at it and make sure it looks OK? (The top of "On the web" at the bottom doesn't get cut off when it's printed.) Carol says we can print it all in color.

Thanks. It's at H:\Bookmarks\Bookmark.doc.

Looks dandy. Thanks, Lois!

HOWEVER, even if "on the web" doesn't get cut off in print, do we really need it?
great ... w/3 minor comments:
1 -under "Locations" - "photocopiers & cc vending machine", w/"photocopier" on next line is confusing to me; maybe something like cc vend mach: 1; photocopiers: 1, 2 ??
2 -did you mean to leave out acronym "LCC" (as on previous one)
3 - give the cross street 117th w/the address?
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