Friday, December 10, 2004

book review database being trialed

The following e-resources were recently added to the NER Test Services page:

Book Review Index Online and Books Review Index Plus

BRI Online is a comprehensive guide to book reviews that includes more then 5 million review citations from thousands of publications, including refereed journals, general interest publications, and newspapers. It includes the entire backfile from the original print edition of Book Review Index, which dates back to 1965. Built on the InfoTrac Web platform, BRI Online is searchable by author of book reviewed, title of book reviewed, publication date, reviewer, title of review, review length, journal, refereed publications, reading level, and more. BRI Online Plus includes Same as above but also includes more then 634,000 full-text reviews from InfoTrac OneFile and InfoTrac Expanded Academic. (from vendor database descriptions).

Please share your comments with the Electronic Resource Coordinator, Mary Cargill.

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